Described as being an upgraded version of the widely known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Vertcoin offers users the fast, private transactions that they need. By decentralizing the mining process, Vertcoin is setting itself up to ensure that its value remains stable over time. The company also offers groundbreaking security through the use of stealth addresses; simply put, this just means that transactions are recorded on the public ledger while maintaining the high standards of security found in traditional bank settings.

Use, Support and Development

Like other digital currencies, Vertcoin is obtained, stored and used through a wallet application; in fact, the development team is currently working on creating a wallet for Android and iOS that functions well while remaining user-friendly. The hardworking, talented developers hail from all over the world, bringing unique skills and knowledge to the table. Customers in need of support may contact the support staff on both official and unofficial forums, making Vertcoin as diverse as the people who use it.

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