uPayCard is an online wallet and virtual MasterCard that allows you to make fast, safe and secure online transactions, and there’s a growing number of online casinos that now accept this easy to use method. Personal account holders at uPayCard are able to receive and send money to anyone, or any business that also uses uPayCard however there’s a little more to this great casino payment method than meets the eye and we can see it becoming extremely popular.

To begin using uPayCard you will of course need to open your account, and you’ll find that the well designed and easy to navigate site makes this a very simple task. As with all e-wallets and virtual debit cards you’ll need to provide ID, and that is of course for your own online safety and security, and then with the one uPayCard account you have access to the easy to use e-wallet and should you wish, either a virtual MasterCard that allows you to pay online, or a physical uPayCard MasterCard that may be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, as well as at ATM’s.

The uPayCard e-Wallet

The uPayCard e-wallet provides a safe way of transferring funds online, to businesses, or any individual that also uses uPayCard, and it works in much the same way as that of the major e-wallets. Payments online to casinos are also easy to facilitate and it’s a simple task of choosing the relevant option in your uPayCard casino of choice.

Funding your e-wallet is also a simple task and it may be done via credit card or bank wire and once your account is loaded you may transfer cash as you wish. The uPayCard e-wallet is however just a part of the overall product and many members will also take the uPayCard MasterCard, either virtual or physical.

The uPayCard MasterCard Options

The uPayCard e-wallet is simple to use and offers a great casino banking option and the virtual or physical MasterCard that you may add to your account, opens up many more options. The uPayCard virtual MasterCard and the physical card, should you want them, are both linked to your e-wallet account and as such, when you make a payment or withdraw cash from an ATM, the money is deducted directly from your e-wallet. It really is just like having a MasterCard debit card, either virtual or real.

uPayCard is a complete payments solution, with the e-wallet and virtual card being perfect for casino banking and making online purchases, and the physical MasterCard giving you access to cash machines and allowing you to pay for goods and services offline.

uPayCard Mobile Popularity Growing

The popularity of uPayCard is continuously growing, with users and casinos that offer it as a convenient banking option increasing all of the time. There are now more popular US casinos that welcome deposits, and allow withdrawals when using this simple, safe and secure method, and that's down to the new and improved uPayCard mobile application. uPayCard mobile banking is so cool and so simple with all of your info accessed on either your iOS or Android device, perfect for players who love life on the go, and of course when depositing into your favorite uPayCard casino all is done so much easier.

New Safety and Security Features

When using uPayCard you may now send cash quickly and simply through the brilliant SMS feature, and you'll now also receive a message when funds arrive into your account. You'll also receive messages when your uPayCard MasterCard is used, either online or at ATM´s when using the new physical MasterCard. uPayCard may be a great US casino banking option but it's also a lot more than that, with many people using it for day to day purchases and payments, and with one easily managed account linked to your virtual or physical MasterCard it means handling your finances is simple.

uPayCard Casinos