Online casino gamblers often find themselves on the lookout for new payment methods that may be used to fund real-money accounts, and Swish transactions are making the process incredibly simple for some casino users. While not available to every player, those gamers who are account holders at a participating Swiss bank can take advantage of the Swish Network. Casino enthusiasts who wish to use Swish do not have to be Swedish, assuming that they have an account with a Swiss Bank and meet certain other qualifications; this may make it possible for gamblers across the globe to cash in on the amazing potential of the payment method known as Swish.

Huge Strides From a Small Start

The Swish system started as a convenient way for people to send and receive payments between individuals, but payment resource was quickly recognized for its many merits; this quickly led to Swish being utilized by small groups as an alternative to cash transactions. Churches, schools and similar organizations that completed small transactions on a sporadic basis found credit and debit processing fees onerous began using Swish to create cash-free, fee-free transaction for certain services and at events. Small, for-profit businesses eventually caught onto the secret, and by the time 2017 rolled around, Swish had managed to become one of only three country-based electronic banking systems used by the majority of the country’s population; when Sweden joined its neighbors, Norway and Denmark, as one of the three, the use of the system exploded, growing organically into what it has become today.

Getting Started With Swish

Joining the Swish Network is really quite easy for Swedes who have Swedish National ID number and bank at a financial institution that accepts Swish transactions. Users will be required to provide a phone number, but it does not have to be a Swedish number; those who do not have a phone number will be able to receive transactions, but this contact detail must be provided before the individual can send payments.

A Completely Mobile System

One of the features that sets Swish apart is the fact that it’s incredibly user friendly. By making the payment system totally mobile, users can easily implement it for small transactions made away from their homes or offices. Swish only requires the use of its app and Mobilt Bank Sakerhetsapp, an identification system that is issued by Swedish banks. Again, in order to use Swish, customers must have an account with a participating Swedish financial institution.

Swish a Great Option for Qualifying Customers

While it certainly will not be able to be used by every reader, Swish appears to be a fantastic option for individuals who qualify, including those online casino visitors with a Swiss bank account and a Swedish National ID number. Unfortunately, for the vast majority users, these two requirements are somewhat difficult to achieve; these factors put the payment service out of reach for most non-Swiss online casino users living outside of Sweden. However, any Swedes who do not have a Swish account may want to consider getting one to serve as an alternative to cash transactions; eligible online casino players, however, may want to determine whether their bank and preferred gaming establishment participate, as it can be an excellent funding source under the right combination of circumstances.