All About Jumio

JumioYou may see the Jumio logo appearing on the sites of a few of your favorite online casinos, so we thought we’d give you a little information on what it’s all about, and don’t worry as it’s all good news. Jumio is a validation and security company that manages payments and security a nutshell, it is extra protection for you. Jumio uses the latest technology and reduces online fraud and identity theft when it’s used on both websites and mobile applications, creating a safer environment for all concerned.

Jumio and Netverify and Netswipe

There are two main components that make up Jumio as a whole and they are the ID verification tool called Netverify, and the credit card validation system that is Netswipe. No matter how you deposit and withdraw in your online casino of choice then at some stage your ID will need to be verified and this is standard procedure in all online casinos. You will need to prove you are who you say you are, and this is for your own protection as well as the casinos. You’ll need to send in documentation such as a utility bill, government issued ID card, passport, drivers license or an insurance card and this is all part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure that all companies comply with. The state of the art technology used in Netverify provides those companies that use Jumio with real time verification of your ID ensuring that details are correct and that your financial transactions fly through smoothly.

Netswipe is a layer of security that is used when you deposit into an online casino, or anywhere else online for that matter, that verifies that the credit card being used does indeed belong to you. This allows your deposits to be checked, processed and approved in real time, meaning that there’s no extra inputting of details by yourself, and therefore far less errors are made.

The Advantages of Jumio

Jumio provides those extra layers of security and in real time allows you to transact with your casino of choice. There’s a lot of time saved when using this system and all checks that need to be made are done within seconds by using the very best technology. These checks and processes are not only in place for the casino, as they protect you the consumer too. They validate your ID and your credit card transactions allowing you peace of mind when using your credit cards online. Jumio is constantly upgrading the software they use too, further enhancing their already outstanding product and adding extra protection wherever necessary.