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Many online casino bettors have or have had a difficult time finding ways to fund a bankroll at an online casino; Interac can give players up to three choices when depositing money into an online casino account. Established in 1984, Interac now processes an average of 16 million transactions each day through the banks and other financial institutions that are on the Interac system. The system also has one of the lowest rates of fraud when compared to other financial specialists. Interac is a secure system with banking fees that are smaller than at more traditional banking options. Interac not only allows players to transfer funds to a casino account, most will be able to withdraw winnings from the casino and have them transferred into the Interac debit system.

Canada's Oldest Debit Card

Interac introduced the debit system in Canada and is now considered a leader in worldwide debit systems. The first Interac debit cards were for Point Of Sale only but the company has managed to harness the world's technological advances and use them to improve the banking of all of its members. Interac allows merchants and service providers to institute a surcharge or processing fee; businesses that accept Interac are required to tell customers what the surcharge is before the customer is required to pay for the transaction.

The Security Of Interac e-Transfer

Casino account holders may also use rInterac's e-Transfer option to both depositing and withdrawing funds at a casino. e-Transfer allows for the transfer of funds from one account to another without having to use any financial device. While there can be fees for this type of transaction, most of the banks within the system swallow the fees charged for e-Transfer and other debit options at Interac.

Interac Online The Best Option For Online Casinos

Interac Online is a secure payment option that is made directly from a players bank account to their online bankroll. Interac Online gives players the security of a paperless transaction and reducing the risk of identity theft. Of all the Interac services, Online is the most secure option. Online also works very well with mobile devices, giving players the option to fund their casino accounts away from home or wherever they may be.

The Best Option For Many Canadian Casino Players

Those who already have Interac accounts now that these three methods of payment are not the only ones in the banking system. Interac users have access to many ABMs with Interac Cash, a contactless transaction device that can be scanned and used without ever leaving the hand of the account holder with Interac Flash. Fees at Interac are considerably lower than other Canadian banks and the system features the best and latest in online security measures. Interac is a great option for online casino players looking for a new payment method at their favorite casino.


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