The ability to use of bitcoin to fund bankrolls at online casinos has expanded greatly over the last two years, but some have not been able to take advantage of this new source due to a lack of time or tech savvy to learn how to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cubitz is a fast, safe and easy way for internet users to take advantage of the benefits that bitcoin offers without spending a lot of time and effort.

One Of Europe's Leading Bitcoin Exchanges

Founded in 2014 in Germany, Cubitz has quickly risen to the top of the ranks in the European bitcoin market. Once the platform became mobile friendly in 2015, Cubitz started making a quick climb to the top of the bitcoin market. Cubitz now sees an average of over 1,000 new wallets downloaded each week, sees a quarter of a million euro increase in bitcoin volume and a bitcoin transaction increase of approximately 45 percent each month. Cubitz is seeing a strong and steady growth within the bitcoin community.

Obtaining A Wallet At Cubitz

A bitcoin wallet requires very little in the way of personal information for an unverified account, just the users legal name and a working email address; an unverified account has a 150 euro per day limit on transactions. To remover the limit players on need to verify their identity through IdNow with a valid form of identification such as a passport. Once the wallet is obtained , the user can then move on to the purchasing of bitcoin on Cubitz.

Several Forms Of Payment Are Accepted

While the list of payment options is not exceptionally long, there is a wide amount of variety that give players many different types of payment options. European users can pay for bitcoin with the money transfer options Swift and Single Euro Payment Area; Cubitz also accepts VISA credit, Skrill, Sofort and dotpay. The platform's ability to accept 17 different different forms of currency is a strenth, Cubitz accepts not only euros but also American, Canadian and Australian dollars, Japanese yen, British pounds and 12 other forms.

Using Cubitz At The Casino

Once the player finds a casino that accepts Cubitz as a form of deposit, they simply need to select Cubitz as the form of payment. The casino will send the bettor a private deposit email address that then can be used at Cubitz to deposit the funds into the casino account. Cubitz makes using bitcoin online as easy as that and allows those without extensive knowledge of bitcoin to use the world's biggest and most popular form of cryptocurrency. Online casino players looking for lower transfer costs, a high level of security and have a need to keep prying eyes away from their online casino play may find Cubitz to be the perfect solution for funding an online casino account just about anywhere in the world.