AstroPay Card

While finding ways to buy online and fund web-based casino accounts can be tough for those who are hesitant to reveal their sensitive personal and financial data to third parties, secure, smart online spending is possible. Considered a virtual prepaid card, AstroPay is one great solution to the concerns that many people have about using their traditional credit or debit cards online.

Getting Started with AstroPay Card

Setting up an AstroPay Card account is easy, and those who do so can rest assured that their online transactions will never compromise their identity. A name, email address, password and country of residence are the only registration requirements; users must also select the value of their AstroPay Card and choose a currency from a long list that includes USD, EUR and GPB among many others. After completing the payment for their AstroPay Card via the secure website, customers can starting buying, betting or doing whatever it is that they like most online.

How to Spend with AstroPay Card

The AstroPay Card is accepted at hundreds of online retailers and online casinos; after deciding where to spend with AstroPay, users can simply head to the cashier, select AstroPay Card, enter the required details and receive instant confirmation of their transaction. It really is that simple.

AstroPay Card Benefits

There are several excellent benefits associated with using AstroPay Card, making it a great choice for anyone in search of a prepaid, virtual payment option. Deposits and transactions occur instantly, which means that users will never be left waiting to complete their purchases, and \safety is 100 percent guaranteed by the card issuer. AstroPay Card is also confidential in that users never have to provide personal information, and the card’s flexible limits ensure that higher deposit and withdrawal maximums are available to customers.

Finally, the mobile app for AstroPay Card makes it a great option for those who want to manage their card activity directly from their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Mobile users may purchase, consolidate, or transfer funds quickly and easily.

Additional Details on Using AstroPay

Although users can look forward to spending their AstroPay Card balance in a single or multiple transactions, this virtual prepaid card cannot be reloaded; once the funds have been spent, users will have to purchase another card to continue using it as payment. That said, those with high or low balances on two or more AstroPay Cards may consolidate their funds onto single card to make it easier to use. AstroPay Cards expire after 12 months, and users with questions or concerns will find a comprehensive FAQ page as well as customer support contact details on the website.

Ready, Set, Spend

If you believe that AstroPay Card would make it safer and more convenient to spend money shopping or gaming online, fill out the short registration form today to get started. With more casino and retailers accepting AstroPay Card each day, this payment method is one that will change the game for many users.