Owning Your Own Slot Machine!

Online slots players love spinning the reels of their favorite slots online, and maybe from time to time in land based casinos too, but have you ever given a thought to spinning the reels of your very own slot machine...in your own home? If you have, don’t worry, you’re not going a little loose in the head, as many US slots fans either own a slot machine, or have at least thought about it and there are many places you may purchase them from. Slot machines come in all shapes and sizes and there are in fact many slots machines collectors in the US who have them by the bucket load. They range in price and some models are extremely collectable making them a tad on the expensive side, however many can be picked up for something a little more reasonable.

There are special websites available for different types of slots , for example should you wish to pick up a classic old time slot that dates pre 1950’s then oldtimeslots.com is worth checking out, or for something totally modern then you’ll need somewhere like laslots.com who offer many modern titles and quite literally, all things slots! We also found a superb dealer of antique slot machines, or one armed bandits as they were called and sanddiegoslots.com provides a great selection of American made classic slots by many makers. You can find old school Bally’s Slots, Jennings and Mills models and our favorites are the Money Honey slots by Bally’s at $2,400, the Jennings Silver Moon at $2,500 and the Mills Golden Nugget at $2,600. However if you want something in a similar style but a little cheaper then there’s a cool Pace model at $700. Those machines are for collectors however they do look extremely cool and would be great to place in the house, and if you look around you can find many great models for around the $500 mark, but what about something a little more modern?

Buying a Modern Video Slot

Let’s look at the prices first, and modern slots do not come cheap, and there’s such a huge difference in prices as to what you wish to buy, it would be impossible to list all the details here, however if you take a look at slotmachinesltd.com you can get a good idea. You’ll see that simple slots start from around the $1,000 mark, however for the modern slots that provide the better quality displays and graphics you’re looking at around the $10,000 area. You will find a staggering amount of slots for sale when taking a look around and the dealers are always happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for, and the slot of your dreams, giving you that unique feature in your home could be just a call or an email away, however you may wish to look into the legality of owning a slot.

While we are not aware of anyone being arrested for owning their own slot machine, you do need to check out the laws in the state in which you reside. There are few issues with antique machines, however modern machines may cause you a problem, and you’ll need to check up on what those laws are. Of course if you place the machine in a public space and allow people to use it, then you can expect trouble, unless you have a gaming license, and our advice is to do a little research or maybe check with local law enforcement.