Vera and John Casino Begins Accepting Bitcoins

Bitcoin may be in the news for plenty of wrong reasons just lately however you simply cannot keep this virtual currency down, and the bad press has not turned users and merchants away from it just fact in this case it's just the opposite. Vera and John online casino has become the very first Malta licensed casino to begin accepting it and has done so just this week. Vera and John focuses mainly on the Scandinavian market and players who deposit using Bitcoin will have those funds transferred into Euros, and when they wish to withdraw those Euro's are then converted back to Bitcoin.

A spokesperson for Vera and John Casino stated that, "One of our key company values is innovation and this is why we are very proud to be the first regulated and licensed casino to offer Bitcoin to our customers." To date the massive fluctuations in value of the digital currency have meant that most online gaming operators have not taken the risk with it, and although there are a few specific Bitcoin casinos and online poker rooms, none of the larger operators have taken the plunge, with the exception to the rule being the US online poker room Americas Cardroom. Over the last year the value of a single Bitcoin has risen and fallen between $13.50 and $1,000 making it somewhat impossible to predict and very difficult to transact it with any peace of mind. The other risk is of course that due to the anonymous nature of the currency then fears of money laundering are high and with 2 Bitcoin exchange owners recently being arrested in the US those fears will remain for some time.