The Tarot Fortune at Jackpot Capital Casino

Jackpot Capital Casino are well known for delivering plenty of innovative and unique promotions, and right now you'll discover yet another great deal to get excited about. The Tarot Fortune is a whopping $150,000 prize promo casino bonus giveaway that runs all through the month of September.

Each and every week for four weeks, leaderboard prizes will be handed out to the top 350 players. With $35,000 going to the top performing players, $9,000 in station prizes, and 3 X $1,000 cash grand prizes, then the amazing amount given away equates to a crazy $150,000. To get a slice of these prizes you will need to earn points, and you will earn these extremely valuable points by playing your favorite casino games at Jackpot Capital Casino. There's more to this promotion however, as each Monday the leaderboard is updated and the top players are awarded $700 in bonuses, and making things fair and equal, even those players that login and play now and again are up for a few prizes. As players meet targets and hit the various stations, they will be placed in random draws, and at the end of the promo, 3 lucky players are drawn and will receive $1,000 each.

As you can see, points definitely make prizes at Jackpot Capital, and casino manager Oliver Smith says that, "Some players play just about every day, others only come by once in awhile, we organized this contest so that everyone has a chance to pick up some bonus money. That's what the stations are all about. Granted, the prizes are bigger when you get to the top levels, but you can still pick up some nice bonuses even if you just visit occasionally." To get involved in this one, you'll need to get signed up to Jackpot Capital right now!