Online Gambling Study in Pennsylvania

Late last year a study by the state of Pennsylvania was commissioned not only to examine the current situation as to existing gambling concerns in the state, but to also take a closer look at what possible impact and connotations the introduction of online gambling to the state could have. The study has been delivered a little earlier than expected, and although it will take a little while longer to discover what has been found, it could pave the way for the introduction of online gambling to the state of Pennsylvania. On the other hand, it could rule it out forever.

One of the areas of the study was to find out if there is in fact room for online gaming in the state, and in order for that to be decided then a look at the whole gambling situation was required, and there's plenty hanging on the outcome of it. With Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada all pushing forward with their respective online gambling projects Pennsylvania doesn't want to fall too far behind, if they feel that the state as a whole would benefit from the introduction of online gaming, however there is also the fact that the border with New Jersey could be simply too tempting for many online poker and casino games players and a quick trip across it means that players from Pennsylvania could easily play online in New Jersey. This would of course mean that the state is missing out on valuable tax dollar, and that has to be taken into consideration. It's guaranteed that the study will be an in-depth look into the current situation with both benefits and concerns included, however what's not guaranteed is whether the study will point to a future of regulated Pennsylvania online gaming, a straight 'no' or the more likely, we'll think about it.