Get Your Olympic Casino Bonus at Bovada

Olimpic Bonuses at Bovada The Winter Olympic Games are in full swing and to celebrate them Bovada Casino has got a little something special for all US online casino games players. From right now up until February 23rd all players can win their very own Olympic prize of a $100 free casino chip and it’s so simple to do. Just like training for a place on the podium this promotions is all about strength and stamina with you needing to put in a little work to get you hands on the good stuff. You will need to wager $100 for 7 straight days to get a free $25 casino chip, between 12 and 16 days for a cool $50 free chip and 17 days to take home the gold placed finish and a free $100 free casino chip. Remember that you need to wager $100 each day, not lose $ could win a small fortune and still qualify for the free cash.

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