Online gambling for real money begins in Delaware

The launch of legal online gambling will make Halloween a very exciting day in the state of Delaware. Those who enjoy spinning the reels and hitting the tables will be thrilled to take advantage of the new gaming laws, which make it legal to wager for real money. New Jersey plans to launch online gaming at the end of November, while Nevada legalized online poker earlier this year.

Online Casino Gaming is Only for Delaware Residents

American gamblers who reside in Delaware can enjoy the new legalized gambling options in the state, but those outside its borders will have to wait until their own laws change to play their favorite games; the same is true in Nevada and New Jersey, giving gamers in the other 47 states something to fight for within their own jurisdictions. Those who aren’t lucky enough to currently live in Delaware, New Jersey, or Nevada can still enjoy hot casino action at U.S.-friendly casinos that are located outside of the United States.

Enjoy the Freedom of Choice

Delaware has only three physical casinos, which isn’t surprising in a state with fewer with 1,000,000 residents, but those who live there no longer have to venture out of their homes to enjoy their favorite slot, table, or card games. Not only will casino favorites be available on home computers, but it’s likely that players will also be able to access games via smartphones and other mobile devices.

Widespread Internet Gaming on the Horizon

The United States Department of Justice originally argued that the Wire Act of 1961 banned internet gambling, but a 2011 revision of that opinion suggests that the law should only apply to sports betting; while this is in no way definitive, it’s possible that residents throughout the U.S. could eventually enjoy the same privileges as those in the three states that have or are enacting legalized online gaming.

Ready, Set, Go

Thursday, October 31st is likely to be an exciting day for both casino gaming hobbyists and serious gamblers in the state of Delaware. The new gaming industry is set to simplify bet-placing for residents of the state and increase revenue for casinos. While it hasn’t happened yet, the areas that have legalized online gambling hope to eventually form compacts with other states, which would increase their reach to a much larger audience. If you live in Delaware and want to enjoy your favorite casino games in an online or mobile format, now you can.