It’s easy to find the latest promotions at

One of the great things about joining many of the online casinos is the number of promotions they tend to offer. Casino , one of the leading online casinos around at the moment, certainly has some great deals to offer anyone who is thinking of joining that site.

Here we’re going to reveal just how easy it is to find out more about their promotions.

Where are they located on the site?

When you arrive on the home page of the site, you’ll notice there are a number of options available to you. Aside from the images that will instantly catch your eye, you’ve got some options along the left-hand side of the screen. One of these is promotions. If you click on this you can find out more about them.

What kinds of promotions does have to offer?

Once you have clicked through to the appropriate page you can see whether you like the options on offer. For example you will notice the huge welcome bonus and casino games bonus options on offer to begin with.

At the time of writing there was a $5,000 welcome bonus up for grabs. Along with this there was a $2,000 casino games bonus. Either one of these could be ideal for you, depending on which games you like to play.

Are there other bonuses available?

Yes, does seem to like its promotions and it makes the most of offering quite a few of them at a time. For example when we wrote this piece there was a mobile bonus on offer along with a Facebook Freebie. Maybe one of these would suit you and give you even more reason to enjoy playing on

You can find out about past promotions too

Of course promotions come and go over time. This means there could be other promotions coming soon that we don’t yet know about. likes to keep things fresh and that’s a great reason to visit the site.

The good news is you can see some of the past promotions the site has used as well. These include Claim the Rainbow, Spooky Spins and Wins and 3D Weekends. By looking at what they’ve already offered, you might get an idea of what could be on offer in the future too.

Why not check out the promotions at now?