Bingo Bonanza

Most of us remember Bingo as one of the first games we learned to play; after all, the skills needed to match simple letters and numbers are some of the earliest lessons youngsters receive. However, at Slots LV Casino, gamblers can explore several different types of Bingo that make the game appear to be anything but one designed for children. Read on to learn more about the styles of Bingo available at Slots LV.

Amazonia Bingo

When gamblers get ready to play Amazonia Bingo, they'll love how just opening the game transports them to a gorgeously designed jungle background. Once they have arrived, players will select between one and four cards and place a wager on each. Bettors can place between $0.10 and $10 per card, which means they'll be spending anywhere between $0.40 and $40 per round. Further setting apart Amazonia Bingo is that the 33-ball game releases all of its numbers at once, which makes the game much faster to play. Gamblers unsure about playing with so few numbers can purchase up to ten extra balls to fill in the blanks on those cards that fall a little short. Finally, players who hit Bingo within their first 30 balls are eligible to win the progressive jackpot.

Bingo Cataratas

Bingo Cataratas sticks with the jungle theme by offering players the chance to play in a beautiful jungle clearing, complete with a waterfall and other attractive, natural sights. In this version of the game, players will see the balls come down traditionally, and bettors will again have the option to wager between a dime and $10 per card on up to four cards. Bingo Cataratas differs from Amazonia Bingo in that it includes a bonus pattern; gamblers who manage to duplicate the design will have a chance to spin the bonus wheel to win a prize. Finally, players can play the game in regular or turbo mode, choose to buy extra balls, and explore ten fun card patterns.

Bingo Goal

While the goal of any Bingo game is to win as many times as possible on every card available at the time, Bingo Goal puts a soccer spin on the game that gamblers are sure to enjoy. The four cards available for play appear in the middle of a stadium, and players will love watching their numbers come down with thousands of people in the virtual stands. The 30-ball game allows players to experience multiple win patterns on the cards, and users who manage a bonus combo will want to get ready for their penalty kick. Gamblers who manage to get around the goalie are on track for a big bonus win. Finally, Bingo Goal offers a progressive jackpot; players can win it by scoring a win on a card early in the game.

Bingo Ribeirinhos

The tribal Ribeirinhos people of South America live near rivers, where a breath of fresh air and a different perspective are just around the next bend. In sticking with the easy-going nature of the local population, Bingo Ribeirinhos take a less rigid approach to the game. Gamblers will have the chance to score up to 11 wins on their cards, and those who fall short of a winning line will receive an extra 13 balls with which they may try to win. When players want a game that drifts as peacefully as a lazy river, Bingo Ribeirinhos is their game.

Go-Go Bingo

By offering players a traditional approach to the game, Bingo Go-Go is the perfect place to begin for those users who crave simplicity. The rules are those of any standard Bingo game, and players will see only the typical eight possible wins per card. Betting in Go-Go is slightly different from that which Bingo players likely expect at Slots LV, but wagering options are still convenient and affordable. Bearing a clean, intentionally simple design and perfect for mobile players, Go-Go Bingo is an excellent choice for both novice and veteran users.

Pesca Bingo

Whether the weather is hot or players just searching for a bit of fun below the surface, Slots LV Casino's Pesca Bingo has them covered. Gamblers will again see a scene set, this time underwater, with four cards. The standard betting system in the game allows for one to four cards, on which players may wager between ten cents and ten dollars. As the numbers bubble their way up, players can chase wins of up to $15,000 for the correct pattern. Attractive and easy to play, Pesca Bingo has plenty of potential for big wins and lots of fun.

Tribo Bingo

Last but certainly not least and featuring a few surprising elements is Tribo Bingo. Gamblers can look forward to playing in paradise, and they'll do it with cards bearing only 15 numbers. Bettors can also change their cards if they don't like what they see after receiving them. Once the game's 31 balls are available, players who receive all but one winning number in a line have the option of purchasing up to 12 more balls to increase the odds that they'll land what they need when they need it the most. Standard in many ways and unique in others, Tribo Bingo brings players plenty of chances to win.

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Players at Slots LV can choose to wager in any or all of the Bingo variations above, and they'll love chasing the prizes available in the games. Bettors ready to start can create an account for free, deposit, claim a bonus, and start wagering on Bingo, the game that takes moments to learn and a lifetime of luck to master. Check out the Bingo variations at Slots LV Casino today.