Mobile Video Poker

While slots and poker are two of the most popular forms of casino entertainment, the wildly successful combination of the two into video poker is also a beloved pastime of casino enthusiasts. Once available only in casinos, video poker become even more accessible when it went online; now, fans of the game can play virtually anywhere that a mobile data connection or wifi is present. Mobile video poker has taken casino gaming by storm, and more players than ever are placing bets, creating poker hands and winning big.

Rules of the Game

Like any video poker game, the point of mobile video poker is to create the best poker hands possible; after the initial deal, players have the option to hold the cards they like discard those that they don’t and receive new ones after they do. Because video poker wins are typically based on traditional poker hands, such as three-of-a-kind, a straight, flush or royal flush, the value of the prize increases with the strength of the hand.

Betting in video poker typically occurs in small increments that can be adjusted to better accommodate any given player’s budget, much like the wagering on a slot machine. There are also several versions of the game, which is important because the number of cards dealt as well as the hands created often depend on which variation of the game that a gambler is playing.

Versions of Video Poker

Like many of the table games that players find on land, online or on their mobile devices, there are many different versions of video poker. Jacks or Better, Double Double, All American, Bonus Poker and Tens or Better are some of the most common video poker games that players encounter at standard mobile casinos, although less versions like Sigma Flush Attack can also be found occasionally.

Another common variation in video poker is how many hands are played at once; while playing a single hand is fun, those with less time for gaming may prefer the multi-hand version. Between 1 and 100 hands of the game can be played at one time at a casino, although most mobile players have preset numbers of hands available to them, including 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100, although others are possible.

Useful Skills for Video Poker Players

Slot machine games generally require players to make few decisions when playing, but that isn’t the case with video poker; in other words, those who possess strong decision-making skills may have a higher level of success while playing video poker. That said, video poker enthusiasts with even moderate success with making decisions are likely to win, as video poker tends to pay out more than 95 percent.

Math skills are also helpful to those playing video poker, at least in terms of probability. The good news is that even a passing acquaintance with the concept of probability makes easier to determine whether or not any given hand will be a winner when playing video poker. Of course, like with any type of casino play, luck is a major factor.

Choosing Your Mobile Casino

There are countless mobile casinos available to players all over the globe, and the largest majority of them are legit, making it hard for gamblers to select one. If a gambler enjoys video poker to the point that it is the primary game they are planning to play, choose a casino that has several different versions of the game; every casino is different, but selecting one that focuses on a preferred games will provide players with the most when it comes to entertainment options. Of course, bonuses may also have an impact on a gambler’s decision, but should not be the only factor included in the process of picking a casino.