Merlin's Mystical Multipliers Slots

The release of Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers brings magic to life for online casino gamblers like never before. Offering a surprisingly in-depth experience for a slot with just three reels, players will find that this title will quickly earn a place among their favorites. From the moment that they start to play, gamblers will know that this is a high-quality game.

A Cool Game From a Hot Developer

Rival Gaming, the studio that created Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers, has been a provider of online casino software since the earliest days of web-based betting entertainment. Providing slots and a variety of other games, users who spin the reels in Rival’s most magical title yet will be delighted with the simple, classic fun that could result in some pretty spectacular prizes.

Exploring the Basics of Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers

Encountering a new online casino game is always exciting, and most players like to know what to expect when they set out to spin the reels. In the case of Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers, gamblers will find three reels and three paylines. Although users won’t find any bonus rounds in the game, this video slot does offer plenty of good reasons to play.

Design Brings the Theme to Life

Three-reel slots offered to players in the early days of land-based and online casino play tended to lack the wow factor of their five-reel counterparts, but Rival managed to overcome that problem. By creating a wildly entertaining slot that even the most modern of gamblers will love in a three-reel format, Rival again demonstrates a level of versatility that can be gained only through experience.

Rich purples and soft golds are at the of the game’s color scheme, and the dimensional effect of transparent reels gives the slot a unique depth that is uncommon for a game found online. While the background is attractive in Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers, users will also notice that a lot of effort went into creating the title’s symbol set. Gamblers will see icons depicting Merlin alongside his cat, book of magic, amulet, potions, and other creatures. The simplicity of Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers leaves no room for a bonus round, but the game’s wild, depicted by the “7X,” can replace every other symbol in the game.

Selecting a Mode of Play

Online casino gamblers can access the game in several different ways. Demo mode is available to those who are just curious about the gameplay or design of Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers, but players can also use “fun money” for casino free play. Finally, gamblers can choose to bet with real money, which makes it possible for them to wager and win actual cash. Furthermore, players will find that they can select between the instant play and mobile versions of the game; those who are considering mobile play will find that the slot is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Flexible Wagers and a Convenient Paytable

Online casino players who find themselves wondering whether or not Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers is worth their time will be pleased to learn that there are far more betting options than they were expecting. The coin denominations in the slot range between $0.01 and $5.00 per line in the three-line slot, but users may choose to bet one, two, or three coins on each of the paylines; prizes increase incrementally as the number of coins wagered increase. Players who wish to maximize their bets can plan to wager $15, $30, or $45 per spin, depending on whether they choose one, two, or three coins, respectively.

Gamblers will find the paytable concealed behind the “i” on the left and below the reels, and opening it will reveal the value of wins for every symbol in the game. Because of the betting structure in Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers, players will see payouts for one, two, or three-wagers. Convenient and easy to access, the paytable provides a guide for gamblers who are new to the game.

Merlin Multiplies the Fun

Although gamblers won’t find free spins or a bonus round in the game, its title, Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers, suggests that there’s more entertainment than immediately meets the eye. The multipliers come into play when the wild symbol creates wins on the reels. Readers will remember that the wild symbol is the “7X” icon, and whenever it forms a win, gamblers can enjoy seven times the prize they would have received otherwise. If three wilds land on one of the game’s paylines, players will immediately win 200, 400, or 600 coins, depending on whether they wagered one, two, or three coins, respectively.

Winners Wanted in Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers

The betting options in Merlin’s Mystical Multipliers are conveniently flexible, creating a budget-friendly slot for nearly any player who wishes to spin the reels. Because the game’s RTP comes in at 94.86 percent, there’s a fair chance that bettors will see a return on their wagers in the form of wins. Although there are few big wins reported at this time, the popularity of the slot suggests that it will produce some significant payouts to lucky players in the future. If you’re ready to find out what all the fuss is about, head to a Rival Gaming casino now to get started.