Free Slot Machines with Bonus Rounds

The evolution of slot play in the last 20 years has been, to say the least, akin to a speeding locomotive of innovation and progress that has been at least partly fueled by the growth of online gambling industry. While not gone and forgotten, the slot machines of the earlier years of gambling that featured only three reels with simple themes of fruit, stars, bars and various colors of the number 7 have been pushed to the background. The creation of the bonus game, scatter feature and progressive jackpot have forever changed the public face of the slots industry whether it be online or land-based. What was once nicknamed the one-arm bandit has in the last twenty years turned into a full-fledged entertainment juggernaut with no signs of slowing any time soon.

Bonus Features Come in Many Forms But All Offer Excitement and Potential

Everytime a slot player spins the reels, they are looking for that big win and while every spin cannot be a jackpot, triggering a bonus feature can feel like a second chance to hit a big win and payday. Scatter features usually award a number of free games or spins of the reell and is sometimes accompanied by a cash prize or a multiplier that can increase the payout. Bonus games can be as simple as choosing a symbol or item on the screen that then awards a cash prize, free spins or multiplier to other games that can require some sort of skill or basic knowledge about betting odds. The one thing all bonus features share is the ability to create excitement at a new opportunity to walk away from the game a winner.

A Wide Variety of Themes

Slots with bonus rounds have an endless list of themes, giving all players a slot or slots that they can find interesting, enjoyable and fun. Anyone who has played the Betsoft title The Exterminator, or any Betsoft title for that matter, knows that a game with innovative bonus features and an entertaining theme play a big part in the success of many of today’s online slot titles. Even themes that have been used way too often, I’m looking at you Cleopatra, can still be entertaining with right blend of bonus games and scatters.

Playing Slots with Bonus Features at No Cost

Many of the online slot titles with bonus games are available to play for free, whether it be for taking a peek at a game that a bettor finds intriguing. Or merely as a way to wind down at the end of another busy day or week. Those who are looking to play slot titles online with no bankroll or just for fun should note that the legality of the game in their country can still apply, especially for players in the U.S. If a specific title or more often a developer, is not legal to play for with a real bankroll, it more than likely will not be available for free. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of slot titles that are available to be played merely for the sake of spinning the reels.