Can You Make a Living from Playing Online Slots?

The short, simple and sensible answer to this question is no, however we will expand a little as to why it's a no! Attempting to play online slots for a living would be like having a store in which you are selling goods for less than the price you originally paid for them, meaning that you're onto a losing deal from the start, and this is down to the return to player ratio, but keep reading as it's not all bad news!

The return to player ratio on slots, both in online casinos and in land based casinos is a percentage figure, usually around 95 to 98% and it means that the slot will pay out around that percentage of cash that is played on it. There are many questions surrounding the validity of these RTP numbers such as over what period of time etc, however as a general rule, most slots players will go by them. This means that over a period of time the slot will pay out that amount of the money it takes, so playing for a long term gain may not be a great idea, but for great entertainment and winning over a shorter period of time, then it's great.

You have to remember that a slot, just like blackjack, roulette or any other casino game, there is a house advantage involved. That advantage, or house edge, to give it its correct name means that in the long run, the maths determine that the casino will win...on every game in the casino. But people win, you see winners all of the time, and with online slots it's the same thing, and people do win a lot, sometimes an awful lot. It really does depend on the slot you are playing and the time that you are playing it, and as with all online casino games, everything is determined by the random number generator.

The random number generator or RNG in an online casino is what makes online casino games random and fair, and each slots spin is independent to the previous one. This means that you could hit a lucky streak in which the random number generator is going your way, however getting it to do that all of the time is impossible.

So the answer to the question of 'can I play online slots for a living?' is no, however that really is not what online slots are designed for, or indeed why you should be playing them. Online slots are for entertainment and a chance to hit the big wins, and as with all casino games that are played in land based casinos from Macau to Las vegas and in online casinos all around the world, it's that fun, exhilaration, chances of hitting the big one and the thrills they provide, that you should be playing them for.