GTS Future Bet SoftwareDon’t always believe everything that you read. There have been a lot of problems and bad press over the past few years with the Future Bet software company but recently they have overcome all of the issues which were plaguing them and are happy to confirm to anyone who inquires that they are back in business and big time. The rumors and bad press accused them of bad or slow payouts at many of the online casinos which use their software, one of them being wholly owned by FutureBet- Sportsbook USA. But thanks to insurance and good management FutureBet no longer have any problems and you can log on to one of the many casinos that use their innovative software to play a wide range of the different casino games offered.

Sportsbook USA

The best known of the casinos and sportsbook that offer the FutureBet software is the Sportsbook USA which has been around for over a decade and offers live sports coverage together with the sports betting options, a poker room with a wide range of games that do not need to be downloaded and a fantastic casino offering a wide range of casino games to choose from. All of the games at the casino can be played in the instant version which means that you can play directly from the web browser of the casino and as you play you can earn club cash points that can be transferred into money and more game time. Sportsbook USA also offers a wide range of payment options which are safe and secure and easy to use and of course all accept US players.

The Qualities of FutureBet Software

The FutureBet software is rather unique in that it offers real time sports betting a wide range of poker games with many multi player games and interactive casino games. There is also horse racing casino games where you can choose the type of horse and conditions that you bet on. All of the games offered by FutureBet software have been approved by TST, The Technical Systems Testing outside body for casino gaming. There are cashable bonuses associated with many of the games and a full team of support available at each and every one of the casinos that offer the FutureBet games from Vegas24 to Empire casino. Knowing that a software company had some troubles and came out of it on top is one of the best recommendations you can have and should make you want to enjoy these games even more.