Cake Gaming

Cake GamingCake Gaming is well known for its online poker software and network and was founded in 2004. There’s been names changes, ownership changes and many different skins coming and going along the way with the most recent change seeing the network being purchased by Lock Poker and having the name changed to the Revolution Gaming Network.

Cake Poker made its name by offering a large variety of online poker tournaments and cash games, attracting many players from around the world however the changing landscape of online poker in the US, stunted growth a little, for all US networks and rooms. Cake has however continued through thick and thin and still provides the quality poker software that it made it’s name with. Licensed in Curacao, Cake software is popular with operators and players alike with good functionality and ease of use being standout features.

Caking Gaming Offers Delicious Entertainment

While online casino gamblers may be familiar with the poker site associated with Cake Gaming, many are unaware of the fact that the company has featured other types of games throughout its long and often confusing history. Although name changes, software availability other situations have plagued the company in the past, gamblers will undoubtedly love what they find whether they prefer to spin the reels on slot games or prefer the opportunity to put together straights, flushes or fullhouses at the poker table; either way, they’ll quickly discover plenty of great entertainment. In fact, those players who get their kicks on the reels will be able to enjoy great games featuring many different types of bonus rounds with amazing payout potential, while gamers in search of a poker connection can start building their winning hands with counterparts from around the globe. While both traditional casino entertainment and poker are both great ways to score awesome prizes, the fact that associated gaming establishments often offer incredible bonuses to newly registered and returning players is also a draw for most real-money players. With so much awesome entertainment literally at a gambler’s fingertips, it’s clear to see why many gamers opt play where they find Cake.