Crazy Dragon Slots

What is your reaction when you come across one of the more straightforward online slots games around today? Do you pass it up in order to find one with more appeal?

Don't make that automatic decision the first time you see the Crazy Dragon game. As you are about to discover, it may have more to show you than you think.

How many reels and paylines should you expect to see?

This game has just three reels and one payline, so it is far removed from the multi-reel, multi-payline games you may be used to.

What are your maximum and minimum bet amounts for the game?

There is just one option here for your coin size, and that is to play a dollar per spin. However you do also have a chance to choose from one to three coins on the payline. So in effect this means you can play from one to three dollars per spin, but a dollar is still the one and only coin size in use here.

Does Crazy Dragon offer any special symbols?

There is a wild symbol which is capable of substituting for any other symbol that appears in the game. This is a yin-yang symbol which is easy to spot when it appears. There is no scatter though, and no chance to look for multipliers that give you bigger wins.

Does the Crazy Dragon game have a bonus level too?

Kind of, although it is made of free spins. One of the possibilities that can appear on the reels is a dragon that is made up of three different symbols to form the body and head of the dragon itself. If you manage to get the head of the dragon on the first reel you will be awarded with some free spins. Get more of the dragon made on the reels and you will receive more free spins as a result. The highest number comes when you get the whole dragon.

Download and play Crazy Dragon slots online today!

As you can see, this game does have some nice features for a three-reel slot. Crazy Dragon also offers a progressive jackpot, hence the higher bet amount per spin. You need to trigger 100 free spins in a row to trigger this so it isn't easy, but we think that is part of the charm!