Cleopatra's Pyramid Slots

Play Cleopatra's Pyramid slots at any WGT casino. These casinos all accept players from the U.S., so you don't have to worry about being in the states and having the casino deny you access to their games. Cleopatra's Pyramid is a five-reel bonus slot game that offers one of most interesting bonus games around. It takes a little luck, and a bit of skill to win the huge prizes in this game. There are two other bonus features that make this game very worthwhile.

Coin values range from a penny to $10 in this Ancient Egyptian-themed slot game, so there's plenty of room to customize the bet to match your financial preference. If you tend to play like a high roller, the $10 wager on all 20 paylines comes in at $200 per spin, but more conservative gamblers can bet on all paylines and pay as little as 20 cents.

Free Spins with Increased Prizes

The scatter scarab triggers 15 free spins if it appears at least three times. During the free spin rounds, your winnings triple, so the top prize of 10,000 coins can increase to a whopping 30,000!

Wild Card Also Offers a Bonus

Cleopatra is a wild card, and in Cleopatra's Pyramid, her appearance in a winning payline doubles your prize. If you were to get three Eye of Horus symbols and a Cleopatra wild, the 125 normal prize doubles to 250.

Cleopatra's Pyramid Interactive Bonus Game

The pyramid is a bonus symbol that only appears on the second and fourth reels. When you get symbols on both reels, the bonus game appears on a new screen. Egyptian music plays as the screen loads.

Appearing in front of you is a pyramid. There are eight stones on the bottom level and then each level of the pyramid has one less stone, ending at the top level that has just two stones. You choose one stone from each level and hope a prize appears. Keep making choices and try to reach the top of the pyramid. One a penny bet, the prizes at the bottom of the pyramid are in the single digits, and then they increase the higher you climb. Once you find the poisonous asp, the bonus game ends. The good news is that the prize you've accrued until finding the snake remains yours. Unlike other games where busting removes your winnings, in Cleopatra's Pyramid slots, you keep everything you've earned up to that point.