Cash Grab Double Bonus Video Poker

Cash Grab Double Bonus Video Poker has arrived and it’s changing the rules of the game! Right now fans of the great game that is video poker are served up the chance to not only play and enjoy their favorite casino game, but also have the opportunity to hit a progressive jackpot when doing so. This is the very first video poker progressive game of its kind and it’s available to play right now.

When you load up the game you’ll see that it looks just like a regular game of video poker, that’s until you take a look at the top right hand corner of the game screen and see that wonderful jackpot box. Cash Grab Double Bonus video poker introduces what’s called the Cash Grab feature which allows you to not only win the great jackpot but also provides the fantastic ‘Double Up’ feature, and it works like this....You place your wagers and take your cards, just like in any other version of video poker, however when you hit a win, things change. You’ll be given the chance to double your wager by taking on the dealer again, and you may keep going for up to 5 times, doubling your cash wins as you go, providing so much more entertainment and giving you so many more chances to take away a big haul. The progressive jackpot is paid out randomly after any real money hand and you’ll notice that the pay table is similar to that of Jacks or Better, with that being the lowest paid hand and a natural royal flush netting you the biggest win of up to 4,000 coins. Cash Grab Double Bonus Video Poker is a wonderful new video poker variation and one that we think many players will enjoy, with the great double up feature and that random progressive jackpot adding massively to the thrills.