Derby Jackpot

Derby Jackpot is a fully legal, US licensed and regulated online horse racing betting site, with a few big differences. There's a huge social element to Derby Jackpot and you can bet on live races, place bets as small as $0.10 and you'll get a free $10 no deposit bonus just for getting signed up. The Derby Jackpot site is superbly designed, and so easy to navigate with a great recreational horse racing look and feel about it, and signing up is just a simple two stage process that takes no time at all.

You may chat with other players while you're placing your bets and it's a whole load of fun, and mixes social gaming and horse racing perfectly. While Derby Jackpot may not be for the horse racing purist, that's kind of the whole point of it, to give people a little bit of racing fun, with of course the thrill of real money gambling.

Great Animations and So Easy To Use

Derby Jackpot serves up such a cool betting interface, one that is very easy to use due to its mainly graphical content and the distinct lack of horse racing betting jargon. You will not be finding information on the horse, the jockey or the track conditions, and instead you're served up with a superb graphical interface that is in fact perfect for mobile play.

You'll see different bet types and games available at the top of the wagering area, with Monkey, Donkey Bets, Granny Bet, The Gonzo and the Fiddy and while Monkey and Donkey are horse races that are about to go off, the Fiddy is actually a simple 3 reel slot and Gonzo is a simple 3 card poker game, sounds confusing? It isn't, and within a few minutes of playing around on Derby Jackpot you'll be an expert.

Score Up to $250 in Welcome Bonus Cash

One of the best things about signing up at Derby Jackpot is the amazing Derby Jackpot welcome bonus offer available to bettors. While many readers are already familiar with the structure of promotions at typical online casinos, Derby Jackpot takes a somewhat different approach. Depositors adding $50, $100, $250 or $500 to their accounts can look forward to receiving a bonus of $10, $25, $100 or $250, respectively. Cashing out bonus funds at Derby Jackpot is somewhat different than online casino users experience as well; rather than stating a flat playthrough requirement, gamblers will instead see bonus funds released at a rate of 10 percent. For instance, bettors who wager $200 on Tuesday will see $20 in bonus funds released on Wednesday. While quite different than the common casino approach, most Derby Jackpot users welcome the change.

Uncovering Derby Jackpot Bonus Codes

While there are plenty of places online to find bonus codes for betting sites like Derby Jackpot, users are typically going to do best by simply heading to the website itself. Although third-party codes do typically work as they are supposed to, users often find themselves trying two or three different codes before they find one that hasn't expired. In the case of Derby Jackpot, new users can look forward to finding a terrific promotion geared toward new members. Worth up to $250, the offer provides a bonus of $10, $25, $100 or $250 to bettors making an initial deposit of $50, $100, $250 or $500, respectively.

Although it cannot not precisely be called a "bonus code" Derby Jackpot offers some interesting ways to score major cash for the right picks. For instance, gamy blers who click or tap on "Bets" will see a $100,000 jackpot that really helps the site live up to its name. Requiring 3 Granny Bets, 3 Donkey Bets and 3 Monkey bets, otherwise known as Show, Place and Win, respectively, will score that the lucky and talented bettor a massive jackpot that really is worth $100,000; a grind, perhaps, when it comes to making the right picks at the right time, those who finish the nine-part wagering adventure will be pleased that they took the risk.

Cash in on a No Deposit Promo Code

Derby Jackpot no deposit promo codes are a great way to literally make real wagers without spending any actual money. While it's not always available, Derby Jackpot periodically offers users the chance to score a free $10 bonus just for completing the signup process. Other no deposit promotions may occasionally become available through the Derby Jackpot website or other sources; remember to read all of the terms associated with any bonus accepted from betting site.

Derby Jackpot Lotto Offers Fast Fun

Online bettors who choose to visit Derby Jackpot will certainly have plenty of chances to score big wins from betting on the ponies, but those users who are looking for a bit of entertainment that is a little less involved than trying to predict the outcome of a race may want to check out the "Lotto" portion of the website. Offering the Early Bird, Mid-Day and Evening draws, participants will be able to select their own numbers, choose the quick pick for $0.50 or opt for the smart quick pick $10. The fast, easy and straightforward nature of the lottery at Derby Jackpot makes it perfect for users who prefer not to bet on horse races as well as those who like to shoot for their chance to get lucky.

Derby Jackpot Deals are Available

The strictly regulated and U.S.-legal Derby Jackpot occasionally offers certain deals; these are generally found on legitimate websites places that users wouldn't expect. For instance, one recent offer found on Groupon offered up to 80 percent off certain bets while Coupon Cause featured a 25 percent off deal. Simply put, users who take the time to look at discount and couponing websites that are recognized as legitimate will find some pretty incredible deals to offset the cost of the bets they place at Derby Jackpot.

Getting Results From Derby Jackpot

Clicking or tapping on any completed race at Derby Jackpot will allow the reader to view the results in a convenient, easy-to-read format. Even more interesting is the fact that users do not have to have bet on the race for which they are viewing the results; this makes it possible for users to see the kind of payouts that bettors could potentially receive when placing their own wagers. For example, users who wish to look at the outcome and wins that occurred from the 2019 Kentucky Derby will find that the largest payout on the site offered a nice win of more than $7,500, while the lowest-paying bet from the event was valued at $331. Whether reviewing the results of a recent race because a wager was placed or simply to get a stronger grip on how the process works at Derby Jackpot, getting the details serves a useful purpose. Lotto results are also available on the Derby Jackpot website. Participants or other interested persons can click or tap on "Lotto" to receive the winning numbers of recent drawings. While the initial view simply shows the draws that have already occurred on the day in question, selecting "Show More" will provide the winning numbers for the last several days as well as the amount of the jackpots won. Overall, getting the details of Lotto wins at Derby Jackpot is a fast, easy process that makes playing even more enjoyable.

Banking Options at Derby Jackpot

  • After gamblers decide to wager at Derby Jackpot, they'll need to know how to add money to their accounts to cover those bets that they're so eager to make. Derby Jackpot makes a wide range of payment options available to users, including Visa, MasterCard, Pay Near Me, InstaFund, ACH and PayPal. With so many convenient options, placing a racebook wager from the comfort of home has never been so easy.
  • After a gambler wins at Derby Jackpot, he or she will want to know how to cash out, and the good news is that the process is easy. First users should know that Derby Jackpot will never issue an unrequested payout; if bettors wish to transfer their winnings, they'll need to initiate the process themselves. Users can request a payout via traditional methods, but they can also request that their funds be sent via check.

Staying Legal: Derby Jackpot Verification

One of the biggest issues that gamblers encounter when registering at Derby Jackpot involves the information that they must share in order to participate; while the racebook does have to collect some pretty sensitive information, including users' social security number, doing so is a legal requirement in the United States. However, because the encryption used when processing these details is similar to that which is used by banks, it's safe to share these details. Users may not register without doing so, as it's required by law to verify every participant's age, residency and identity before allowing wagers to be placed.

Learning the Language

  • Gamblers who have little or no experience with horse racing will likely notice that there are quite a few unfamiliar terms mentioned on the Derby Jackpot website. Part of a successful, entertaining wagering experience is ensuring that you understand the language used describe bets, races and outcomes. Read on to learn about some of the most common terms and phrases you'll see at Derby Jackpot.
  • Pari-Mutuel Betting: When gamblers play at an online casino, the bets they place are against the house rather than the other participants; this is important because horse racing wagers are pari-mutuel, which simply means that participants are betting among themselves. While the "house," or in this case, website, takes a commission before redistributing the pot among winners, it's very different than playing slots, for example.
  • Box a Bet: Gamblers who choose to make what are referred to as "Fiddy" or "Dime" bets also have the opportunity to box their bets. This simply means that the horses selected by the gambler can finish in any order rather than only allowing a win when the gambler selects the exact order in which they finish. Choosing to box a bet will increase the cost of that bet as it creates more chances to win than the Fiddy or Dime bets do normally.
  • Scratch: While most gamblers are familiar with the term "Scratch" when it comes to playing pool, inexperienced racebook users may not know how it applies to the ponies. In horse racing, a scratch simply means that a horse that was scheduled to race will not be doing so; scratches could mean a refund on the bet at Derby Jackpot.
  • DerbyLotto: While not exactly related to horse racing, gamblers who love wagering will want to check out DerbyLotto; this fantastic extra on the website is the only nation-wide lottery game available in the U.S., and it awards a daily jackpot. With bets as low as $0.20 and jackpots that could reach as high as $100K, this is a pretty amazing deal.
  • Quickplay: Again, Quickplay is not specific to horse racing, but it allows Derby Jackpot users to score some pretty incredible wins, and they can do it quickly. With drawings occurring every 5-10 minutes, this is a great choice for gamblers who like to win and win fast.

Register Now to Bet on Live Races

If you're ready to cash in on the excitement and anticipation that comes with betting on the ponies, Derby Jackpot is the place for you. Perfectly legal for bettors in the U.S. and secure enough to trust with your personal and financial data, Derby Jackpot is one great way to get started with a hobby that could last a lifetime. Register now for your chance to pick the next big winner.

Mixing Horse Racing and Social Gaming

Horse racing is indeed a social sport, and punters will often chat about their bets and how they're doing, and Derby Jackpot takes this to the next level, and adds a massive Facebook and social aspect to all of the proceedings. The small bet amounts make it ideal to play around with, and it is a whole lot of fun, and that's the whole point of Derby Jackpot. With a free $10 deal on the table just for registering an account, you don't have to take our word for it, so go give it a try yourself! Get a free $10 no deposit bonus