Classycoin Casino Bonus Codes

The Classy Coin Casino is notorious for their great selection of slot games, but they also have a great variety of other casino games. They were established in 2011 and are fully licensed and regulated out of Curacao. Using popular games from Real time gaming, they have a great list of top quality games for players to pick from. They mainly use the US Dollar as their preferred currency, which enables them to allow US players to join and play in their online casino. They do allow players from other places in the world, but mainly focus on attracting US players. The main method to attract US players, and others as well, is to entice them by offering great bonuses, whether they are bonuses when they sign up or continuous bonuses. This is very effective, since most people enjoy online gambling because they do not have easy access to land based casinos. On top of the ease of access, most land based casinos do not offer cash bonuses, making the Classy Coin Casino an easy pick.

Classy Coin Bonuses

Using this effective method, Classy Coin has created many different types of bonuses to get players interested in joining, as well as enjoying their games. For the new members that want to join, they offer them several options when it comes to their Welcome Bonus. They actually have different packages; the Nickel, Dime, and Quarter packages. With the Nickel package, a new player gets a bonus of 150% on any deposit amount, up to $1,500. The Dime package allows players to receive a 200% match on deposits of $50 or more, up to $2,000. Lastly, with the Quarter package they get a 300% match on deposits of $75 or more, up to $3,000. These bonuses are not limited to the player’s first deposit; instead a player can pick any of them for their first two deposits. Apart from the incredible welcome bonus, they have other various bonuses aimed at their loyal members. For those members that prefer to play the table games that are offered, they have the chance of getting some free money with the Tables Bonus. With their first two deposits, they can choose to get 150% match, up to $1,500 to play on any of the table games. For those big winners, the High Roller Bonus is perfect for them. Depositing $700 or more they can get a 250% match bonus, up to $2,500 to play on any of the table games, Blackjack, and Video Poker. There are so many different ways for players to get free playable money, they can sit back and enjoy their gambling experience to fullest.

Classy Coin Promotions

There are different kinds of promotions that Classy Coin offers, but their most popular ones have to be the Weekly Bonuses. They determine what match percentage a player could get depending on the amount they deposit each week. A player looking to play the Slots, just needs to deposit $21 or more to get anywhere from 192% up to 400% match bonuses on their weekly deposits. For the table game enthusiasts, if they deposit $21 or more, they could get match bonuses from 108% up to 165%. Each week players get a chance to get free playable money from the online casino, who would not want that.

The reason Classy Coin Casino stands out versus its counterparts, the land based casinos is due to several factors. The bonuses, which give players a chance to play their favourite games for longer with free money, gives them an advantage in itself. Land based casinos do not have a system in place where they would freely give players money each week a player decided to go play. Another reason is due to the fact that an online casino has so many possibilities. They can be accessed easily from home or a mobile device and the games are interactive enabling an immersive experience from the player’s point of view. This is why offering bonuses and promotions, while maintaining its status as an open online gambling site, makes Classy Coin Casino a preferred place to play at.