Are Online Casino Loyalty and VIP Clubs Really Worth it?

Many online slots and casino games players will sign up to a new online casino because they like the look of the welcome bonus. Whether they continue playing in that casino is down to a variety of things, such as the games and slots selection, the ongoing bonuses and player rewards, and maybe even the customer support that they receive. What many players do not consider is what they are getting long term, and what rewards are provided by the VIP or loyalty club that the casino provides, and the question of whether a good loyalty club make a difference to an online casino is one that many players ponder.

The fact is that yes, a good loyalty and VIP club can offer so many rewards, and is not something that should be overlooked, especially for those players who enjoy their favorite slots and casino games regularly, and here we’ll look at why a VIP and loyalty rewards club is something that should be taken a little more seriously.

What a Good Loyalty Club Should Provide

A good casino rewards program should benefit all players, those who play regular and the more casual players, and you’ll be wanting more than just a few perks and casino treats now and then. Casino bonuses are often given as extra rewards as part of a loyalty club, and these alone can make it worthwhile, and the comp points that many provide, that enable you to turn those points into valuable cash are well worth looking into. Bonuses are often tied to the level you are in as part of the VIP club, but even at the lowest levels you should be getting a little something.

Take a look at the comp point accumulation rate, and that of the exchange for cash rate to see if you think it’s a good deal, against how much you think you’d be playing. Remember that a good loyalty program will reward you with these points on how much you wager and not how much you lose! The beauty of loyalty club comp points is that you can go on a big winning streak and clock up those points as you’re going, and that provides you with extra cash, as and when you choose to use those points. Think of comp points as a no deposit casino bonus, and one that you may take whenever you want it. Comp points can be used instead of making a deposit and it’s always worth keeping an eye on your points balance!

Levels and Club Tiers

Loyalty programs will of course reward the bigger players, but a great club will let you stay in a higher level or tier for more than just the month that you played a whole lot. Staying in a higher level or tier of the club means that you’ll get more benefits, and that can range from bigger deposit bonus deals and a better cash return for your comp points.

Look out for clubs that offer exclusive gifts and deals, and it’s worth finding out what these deals and gifts are, as you may never want them, nor take these offers up, and if you’re a regular player you’ll want a strict return of better casino bonuses and more comp points, after all, cash is king right? Loyalty clubs and VIP clubs are well worth investigating and using, and those comp points can make a big difference to your slots balance when cashed in, and it’s amazing just how many players forget about these points...after all, these points are just as good as cash in your account.