Free Real vs. Online Casino Bonus

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When the internet boom happened, and everyone wanted to create their own .com, many realized the endless possibilities of being able to create whatever they wanted and have it reach everyone. During this time, a few people decided to create online casinos, for those people that did not have easy access or funds to go to a real land based casinos. With this, there became a competition between the land based casinos and the online casinos. They both needed to figure out ways to get new customers and keep them. The way both have been able to do this is by offering bonuses, everyone likes bonuses. However, do to the fact that the settings are different; the bonuses between the two types are different as well. The idea of the bonuses is to give incentives to start playing, as well as to keep on playing.

Land Based Casino Bonuses

The bonuses at the land based casinos are not actually called bonuses; they are more commonly referred to as comp points and comp prizes. When a new player enters the casino and starts to play, they usually sign them up for one of their player accounts. They then give the player a personalized card so that they can track their time, earnings, and how much they have spent at the casino. This is how the casinos are able to keep track of how much a person is playing, and even better, how much they are playing with. The casino has in place a scale on which to balance all of these factors in order to give the player the appropriate amount of comp points. In a casino, comp points are as good as cash. The one exception being that the person cannot turn the points into straight cash.

Table Games As the casino is a physical location, they use that to their advantage with the comp points. These points can be used for a variety of features within the casino. Depending on where the casino is located, the player can use it for free hotel suites, free food, and a whole lot of VIP treatments. As it is common for most casinos to have their own hotel attached to it, players can also use their points to get free stays in the hotel. Other casinos may have side perks, like a golf course or entertainment; these points can get players a free 18-hole game or entry into a magic show. In some cases, if a person lacks a certain amount of comp points, the casino may decide to give away free food or a night in the hotel for those loyal players that have a history of playing in that particular casino. The land based casino bonuses are more of an interpersonal and physical bonus.

Online Casinos Bonuses

The online casino bonuses are of a totally different manner than the land based ones. As it is impossible for an online casino to offer free stays in a hotel that they do not have or food that is not easily accessible to either party, they must resort to different methods. As land based casinos do not offer cash as a bonus, they have benefitted from this fact by offering free cash to their members. This tactic has helped both the online casinos and their members take full advantage of the online aspect of the game. Players receiving these cash rewards can use it however they like. They can choose to continue to play their favorite game or can, after a certain period of time, cash it out. Most players use these bonuses to prolong their enjoyment. The benefits of these bonuses are that they are instant, and usually offer large quantities since they have less overhead costs than land based casinos do. In a physical setting players might enjoy the perks of free food, but in an online setting the main dish that most players want is money; plus, if you are a big time player, you will have lots of VIP treatments too, such as travel packages all paid, and Millionaire style, amazing parties, and just a life you could only dream of.

In a similar manner however, the online casinos also have programs where they use comp points as a rewards program. The only difference is the perks that the players can get with the points. In the land based they would get free food or a free night at the hotel, while in the online casino they could exchange their comp points for playable cash. In the end, both types of bonuses are set in place to attract new players and reward the loyal ones that continue to play.