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Nevada Casinos

For many, Nevada and in particular Las Vegas is the home of gambling. The state of Nevada legalized casino gambling in 1931 and since that date Las Vegas has become synonymous with Casinos, Entertainment and the glitz and glamour that goes hand in hand with it. Many of the biggest and best casinos in the world are located in Vegas, especially along the Las Vegas Strip and while technically the Strip is located outside city limits, to many that’s being a little bit over pedantic and the Strip, is what Vegas is all about. There are of course many casinos in the downtown area and along Fremont Street too and no matter where you are in Sin City you just can’t escape the glow of the neon casino signs. It’s become one of the most visited cities in the world, and while some of that is of course due to casino gambling, a huge chunk of visitors to Las Vegas arrive with other things in mind such as the brilliant shows, the nightlife, restaurants and the many tourist attractions that have been developed along with the hotels and casinos.

The Benefits of Nevada Gambling

The laws in Nevada were changed to allow gambling to help lift the area out of the Great Depression, and they certainly did that. It wasn’t all smooth running however as of course many people were opposed to gambling in the state, however the fact that it is now the major provider of jobs and tax revenue in the state, few people can argue of the benefit it has had to the area as a whole. Before the casinos doors opened, Nevada was dependant on the mining industry however times change and Nevada certainly kept up with them.

Rules and Regulations in Nevada Casinos

Where any form of gambling is concerned there are of course plenty of rules and regulations, and rightly so. To be able to enter a Las Vegas casino you must be aged 21 of over, and be able to prove it, staff in casinos are well trained in spotting those that shouldn’t be there and are quick off the mark in keeping within the laws. They need to be, violation of any of Nevada’s tough gaming laws comes at a high cost, and no-one would wish to risk losing their license.

Online Gaming in Nevada

Nevada also quickly spotted that things are changing as far as gambling was concerned and was the first state to offer legalized online gambling, however that is only in the form of online poker. At present the state oversees 2 online poker sites, those of and however due to the fact that only residents of Nevada may hit the tables, and that the population is a very small one, then liquidity and players at tables is very small.

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